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About us (EN)

JUVENIA - EDUCATION is a nonprofit organization providing the beneficiary services in the field of additional education for children and youth and the publishing of language textbooks for elementary schools.



In 1993, we started organizing English language courses for children, youth and adults.

The language courses were met with success and building upon the experience and contacts we have started organizing the foreign language summer camps the following years. It was during these summer camps, when we started to focus on the development of the teaching materials in cooperation with our foreign lecturers. Together we created various fun activities and additional supplementary learning materials for our young participants.

After successful feedback from our participants we gradually decided to focus on the development of the English language teaching materials for young learners.

Our first textbook, Busy Bee, was issued in 1997 and was intended for the youngest learners between 6-7 years old.

Ever since that time, we have been publishing foreign language textbooks and supplementary teaching materials for children in Slovakia.

In 2004, the organization was transformed into a non-profit educational institution, providing the beneficiary services under the non-profit law. The Fair Trade ethical principles have been closely followed within our organization, leading into shaping of responsible partnership with numerous schools, teachers and parents throughout Slovakia.



Within our portfolio, one can find the modern English language textbooks and workbooks, as well as numerous educational supplementary materials  for children at nursery and primary school level.

Our organization closely follows and cooperates with many experienced educators, who have actively participated in developing the content of published teaching materials.

All of our teaching aids have been a product of our own ideas and experience throughout years of English language teaching.
Before the actual publication, we extensively test our products in the home, school and local nursery environment. During the development and testing phase, we make sure that the content of our teaching material is effective within the intended age group and has rational justification and meets with successful feedback.

To point out, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that through the actual issueing of the textbooks, we support the domestic production and we provide space and opportunity for creative teachers and authors to participate on the successful development. Consequently, this leads to the effective cost saving and lower price of our textbooks which allows the English language education to become available even for the socially challenged pupils.



All of our products have successfully undergone the proper evaluation process within the state educational program at the Ministry of Education in Bratislava, Slovakia. As a result of the approval and evaluation, the Ministry of Education grants certification and the inclusion of textbooks and workbooks in the list of recommended teaching materials approved by the Ministry of Education. This guarantees that our educational materials meet the educational standards and can be widely used and recommend as an effective teaching aids for nurseries and primary schools throughout Slovakia. 


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